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Auto Repair Parts and Your Auto Repair Requirements

Auto Repairs consist of Labor Costs and parts. How we deliver and use parts varies on the auto repair needs as well as the budget of our customers. As money has become tighter and tighter these days we are doing all we can to help you get back on the road safely and to meet your budget demands too.

Parts play an important role in the quality of your repair and in the overall costs as well. There are primarily four types of parts that can be used to repair your vehicle. These are explained in detail as follows:

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer: These OEM repair parts are made by the manufacturer of your vehicle (such as Ford, GM, Toyota, or Chrysler). These parts are usually the best quality as they must meet the manufacturer's high standards and specifications for fit, finish, corrosion resistance, and so on. Some auto warranty's require you use OEM parts so as not to VOID the Warranty. This usually true of newer car.

AM - After-market parts made by firms other than the manufacturer of your vehicle. These parts generally do not have the same strict tolerance requirements OEM parts. These AM parts are sometimes referred to as "quality replacement" or "alternate" parts. These offer a lower cost option and usually perform just as well as the OEM's especially as a car increases in years and mileage.

LKQ - Like Kind & Quality These are used parts obtained from automobile salvage yards. These parts may or not be an option as their availability is based on the salvage yard inventory. These are very reasonably priced and offer the lowest cost option. NOTE these are used parts and so are not guaranteed, but often they are OEM and so it is often a nice affordable alternative especially for older cars.

RECON - Reconstructed These are OEM parts that were previously damaged, they have been repaired (generally) parts. In nearly all instances with regard to later model vehicles, you should insist on replacement with OEM parts. Used or after-market parts generally will not provide the highest quality repair. These offer good options on certain types of products like carburetor and alternators where the functioning parts are all replaced and only the metal outer casing or shell was reused.

What auto repair part is best for your repair needs?

Hopefully the above information was helpful ... Terry will be glad to expain and advise on what's best for your specific situation and budget. Give Terry call today.


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