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Auto Repair - Struts and Shocks Suspension Repair

Your car's suspension system is made up of struts and shocks and they effect the way your car drives and the smoothness of your ride. It also serves to protect your car from shock damage from bumps and pot-holes.

Struts are made up of the coil spring, shock absorber, strut bearings and the steering knuckle. The strut assembly plays a major role in the handling and driving comfort of a car.

Here Are Some Symptoms of Automobile Suspension Problems

Your car should be checked for suspension services if any of these symptoms are evident:

If you road test the vehicle, note the following during your drive:

How does the vehicle ride on a rough roads does it bounce or rock side to side?
How does the suspension take tar strips and bumps is there residual bouncing after impact?
Does the steering feel normal and return normal?
How does the steering feel after hitting a bump does it feel like tires are bouncing?
Note if the car leans or sways when cornering?
Does the vehicle nose dive when you come to an abrupt stop and bounce?
Does the vehicle squat when accelerating?

Any of these symptoms are usually a sign of suspension problems. It's best you have them inspected
and repaired if needed. Call Terry today to schedule an appointment for a free initial inspection.


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