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Testimonial - What Terry's Customers Have to Say ...

Terry is a good honest man ...

I called Terry explaining I had a problem with my car sputtering and stalling. He said he'd have a look, I thought my car was due for a Tune-up anyway so planned on paying $212.00 for him to replace all my wires and spark plugs. He told me to drop off my car it would take an hour or so and he'd have me up and running. He called me shortly thereafter to inform me that my spark plugs looked brand new and he discovered a vacuum hose had become dislodged. The cost for the repair $12.00. I gave him a twenty and told him to keep the change. To me Terry is an honest man ... he could have just as easily handed me a bill for $75.00 and I would have been just as happy. I trust Terry ...

Terry Saved Me Money ...

I was referred to Terry at Gaskin Auto when my car window was busted in my 2002 caravan. The dealer quoted over $400.00 to fix it. I brought it to Terry he got a used motor from the junk yard and had me fixed for a little over $100.00. Terry is now the "Go to guy" for my auto repairs. ~ Mark B. Fort Myer, FL

My daughters 2006 Acura was hit in a parking lot ... and the cost quote from my insurance company to repair it was $1200.00. My $500.00 deductible was all it would cost me out-of-pocket. Terry got me after market parts and fixed the car $575.00. It saved me from putting in an insurance claim that would have to lead to higher insurance costs. ~ John W Fort Myers

My 5 speed Mazda was stolen and taken on a joy ride of over 600 miles. When the police recovered it the clutch was
burned out. Since this wasn't covered by insurance I was stressed when I got a quote for $1100.00 from the Mazda dealer to
replace it. A friend told me to talk with Terry and I was thrilled that he helped me get back on the road with a used clutch from
the local salvage yard. It cost me under $500.00 to be back on the road. Thank you Terry! ~ Katie Cape Coral

I'm a snow bird from Ohio and was referred to Terry when my side mirror was ripped off when my wife was backing out of the garage.
The dealers $600+ price tag to replace it was outrageous. My golfing buddy told me about Terry I was a bit apprehensive
at first when I was told it was off Fowler street. My golfing buddy came with and introduced me to Terry. He fixed my up and
saved me over $300.00. Now Terry is my local mechanic whenever I have car trouble here in Florida. ~ Harry T. North Ft. Myers

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